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CamStudio is a free screen recoding software that records your screen and save to AVI files. With it, you can easily make a software demo or a video presentation. Millions of users all over the world choose CamStudio to capture PowerPoint slides, software demonstrations, web pages, game videos and more. The most amazing part is that CamStudio is an open source and free program so you can get it without any charge, no matter personal or business use.

Unfortunately, CamStudio only supports Microsoft Windows operating system. For Mac users, a CamStudio for Mac alternative is required. Here we've generated a comparison chart of most popular screencasting software in the market. Choose the best that is most suitable for you.

Choose the Best CamStudio Alternative for Mac

Below are the top 2 popular screen recorders on the market. One is for Windows only, while the other works on Mac and Windows. If you're familiar with CamStudio but now want a similar application for Mac, then Screen Capture for Mac is an ideal choice to make perfect screencast, tutorial video and demonstrations.

  CamStudio MOVAVI Screen Capture for Mac
CamStudio for Mac No Mac Version Free Download Now
Video Capture
Video Length Unlimited Unlimited
Record Audio
Built-in Video Editor
Import Media
Publish to Flash
Output Formats AVI, SWF MPEG-4, H.264, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Google Nexus One, etc.
Upload to YouTube
Record Webcam
Record online video
Retina Display Support
60 FPS Recording
Price Free Buy Now ($29.95)


In short, Screen Capture for Mac wins the best CamStudio alternative contest. You're highly recommended to get it to start screencasting on Mac.

Screenshots of Screen Capture for Mac - The Best CamStudio for Mac Alternative

It's extremely easy to use Screen Capture. After setting up the recording sources, just click the Record button to start recording. When recording finished, you can easily edit the recorded video with the built-in video editor and then share onto YouTube or export to computer.

The below screenshots show you how this CamStudio for Mac alternative look like. Don't you think Screen Capture has similar user interface to CamStudio? We highly recommend Screen Capture for Mac as the best equivalent to CamStudio. Get a free trial now.

download fraps for mac alternative   buy fraps for mac alternative Only $29.95

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Record video with Screen Capture on Mac

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